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Parking Garage Design Challenges

Illustration of an APS used in a design for a garage project. Parking garage design has never been more challenging for architects because the number of requirements has never been higher. BREEAM or LEED, sustainability, mixed-use, being community-friendly, inhibiting crime, building material limitations, zoning issues and local aesthetics are just a few of the issues when it comes to parking garage design nowadays. Automated Parking Systems or APS provide architects with an alternative to conventional parking solutions such as multi-story parking garages, car parks, parking lots, etc.

Parking Garage Design Options

Automated Parking Systems provide architects with numerous benefits when it comes to project and parking garage design:

  • Reducing the land required for parking by up to 70% and the volume required by up to 50%
  • Parking can be located in unusual places such as alleys, inside existing buildings & irregularly- shaped areas – places where parking garages and car parks don't fit
  • Meeting more BREEAM and LEED targets, as well as sustainability targets
  • Turning parking areas into safe and secure zones rather than targets for crime
  • Taking advantage of lower building heights to increase vistas and solar access
  • Setting up underground parking more economically and quickly
  • Creating more accessible parking for drivers and passengers with disabilities
  • Maximizing the use of recycled and recyclable building materials
  • Using parking spaces of different dimensions to maximize space and volume efficiency
  • Choosing the exterior finish that best matches the neighborhood
  • Optimizing access with entrances and exits on different levels and sides
  • And many more…

Garage Design Solutions

The availability and use of land affects the feasibility and profitability of development projects. The size of conventional parking solutions often diminishes both the project feasibility and profitability. If car parking is a critical factor in a project, considering Automated Parking System alternatives is a prudent step.

Automated Parking Blog

Automated Parking Systems ... everything you wanted to know about automated parking.

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