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Our aim is to provide you with superior car parking solutions, form valued partnerships and create a more convenient and sustainable world for everyone.

Focus on Parking Systems

For many suppliers, parking systems are secondary products they subcontract to others to design and handle. At Skyline Parking, parking systems are our only product. We design them. We supply and service them. We stand behind our parking systems.  

Our aim is to provide space-efficient, safe and sustainable automated car parking systems that deliver the best value and profitability for owners and best experience for users.  

Design & Manufacture  

We apply the best of Swiss engineering to optimize simplicity and durability, which makes a substantial contribution to the reliability and value of our parking systems. This includes minimizing the number of parts, movements and processes to inherently reduce the number of things that can go wrong. It also helps to reduce maintenance time and costs. Adding redundancy to critical processes further increases reliability.  

Another aspect of simplicity is our use of COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) hardware, wherever possible. Using standard components with well-understood dependability and performance further increases reliability compared to custom-made components. The ready availability and lower cost of standard components also help to minimize spare parts inventories for the parking systems.  

Performance & Innovation  

A good design means little if the product can't meet the performance required. At Skyline, we never stop innovating to improve the performance of our parking systems. Our proprietary conveyor transport system helps to give our systems some of the fastest parking speeds in the industry as well as superior simplicity and reliability. We also set our performance and innovation goals very high for every parking system when it comes to project engineering, management and delivery.

Automated Parking Blog

Automated Parking Systems ... everything you wanted to know about automated parking.

Weitere Informationen zu Automatischen Parksystemen

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